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Composition of corn and grain sorghum residues

  title={Composition of corn and grain sorghum residues},
  author={L. J. Perry and D. H. Smith},
The use of maize and sorghum residues for beef cattle forage is reviewed. DM yields of maize residues tended to be higher than those of sorghum but yields were affected by agronomic practices, management and weather. In vitro DDM was similar in maize and sorghum but CP content of sorghum was higher. Ca levels in maize residues were low and P content of both forages was below the minimum requirement of a dry pregnant beef cow 
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A simulation model of forage yield, quality and intake and growth of growing cattle grazing cornstalks.
A simulation model was developed to predict corn crop residue yield and quality and intake and performance of growing cattle grazing cornstalks and it underestimated intake of calves measured with chromic oxide and in vitro DM disappearance and overestimated response to protein supplementation.