Composition of Cacao Beans

  title={Composition of Cacao Beans},
  author={Antonella Bertazzo and Stefano Comai and Francesca Mangiarini and Su Chen},
The physics and chemistry of cocoa beans are very complex and change throughout the life of the bean, mainly depending on the processing it receives and on geographical origin. The main component of cocoa beans is lipid fraction, approximately 50%, mainly constituted by neutral lipids, with a predominant fraction of triglyceride molecules. Protein fraction constitutes 10–15% of the dry weight of cocoa seeds, and it is composed of 52% and 43% of albumin and globulin fractions… 
Carob as cocoa substitute: a review on composition, health benefits and food applications
The bioactive compounds that are present in carob, in conjunction with the cocoa-like flavors and unique sensory properties that are enhanced by carob powder roasting, underline carob’s potential to substitute cocoa in various food products.
Composition of unfermented, unroasted, roasted cocoa beans and cocoa shells from Peninsular Malaysia
Composition of cocoa beans depends on origin and cocoa processing such as fermentation, drying and roasting. However, less research has been conducted to analyse the composition of Peninsular
Lecithins from Vegetable, Land, and Marine Animal Sources and Their Potential Applications for Cosmetic, Food, and Pharmaceutical Sectors
The aim of this work was to review the reported information about the phospholipid composition of lecithins derived from several natural sources (lipids of plant, animal, and marine origin) and
Impact de la fermentation sur les propriétés antioxydantes, anti-inflammatoires et immunomodulatrices du cacao
La consommation reguliere du chocolat est associee a des effets benefiques sur la sante, en particulier dans les pathologies associees a un syndrome inflammatoire chronique. Cette inflammation met en
Physicochemical Analysis of Different Brands of Chocolates and Their Comparative Studies
There is no metaphysics on earth like chocolate.” Chocolate is a blessing which contain almost all nutrients necessary for the growth of human health. In this study, composition of different branded
Metabolite Storage in Theobroma cacao L. Seed: Cyto-Histological and Phytochemical Analyses
It is demonstrated that all seed components contribute to the metabolites storage, but with interesting differences in the localization and amount of each metabolite.


Soluble Albumin and Biological Value of Protein in Cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) Beans as a Function of Roasting Time
: An association has been identified between the extent of roasting and the amount of extractable protein from the cocoa bean, its nutritive value, and the sensorial quality of the liquor. Cocoa nibs
Identification and Quantitative Analysis of Phospholipids in Cocoa Beans
The phospholipid composition of Accra, Arriba, and Bahia beans was shown to be quite similar although minor variations were observed.
The effects of the organic acids in cocoa on the flavour of chocolate
Samples (54) of dried fermented cocoa beans from different world regions were analysed for levels of organic acids, pH and titratable acidity. The effects of the organic acids on the flavour
Triglyceride characteristics of cocoa butter from cacao fruit matured in a microclimate of elevated temperature1
Generally, the melting characteristic of cocoa butter is relatively constant. However, softer than normal butter is sometimes encountered. In Brazil the occurrence of soft butter has been correlated