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Composition chimique des biotites et typologie magmatique des granitoïdes

  title={Composition chimique des biotites et typologie magmatique des granito{\"i}des},
  author={H. Nachit and Narison Razafimahefa and J.-M. Stussi and J. P. Carron},
Mineral chemistry and crystallization parameters of the A-type Paleoproterozoic Bannach Granite, Carajás Province, Pará, Brazil
The A-type Paleoproterozoic Bannach Granite belongs to the Jamon Suite and cross-cut the Archean units of the Rio Maria Domain in the Carajas Province. It comprises eight facies with varied maficExpand
Chemical composition of biotite as a guide to petrogenesis of granitic rocks from Maherabad, Dehnow, Gheshlagh, Khajehmourad and Najmabad, Iran
Biotite, the dominant ferromagnesian mineral in granitoid rocks, can be used to discriminate tectonic setting, magma types and magnetite- ilmenite series. In this study, we analyzed biotite with anExpand
Post-collisional Rare metal-bearing Granites in the 2 Arabian Shield : A case study of Aja Ring Complex , Northern Saudi Arabia
8 The Jabal Aja Ring Complex (ARC) is a Late Ediacaran composite pluton of post-collisional A9 type granites in the northeastern part of the Arabian Shield. It is an elliptical body with 10Expand
The Temaguessine Fe-cordierite orbicular granite (Central Hoggar, Algeria): U–Pb SHRIMP age, petrology, origin and geodynamical consequences for the late Pan-African magmatism of the Tuareg shield
The Temaguessine high-level subcircular pluton is intrusive into the LATEA metacraton (Central Hoggar) Eburnian (2 Ga) basement and in the Pan-African (615 Ma) granitic batholiths along a major NW–SEExpand
Major, Trace and REE geochemistry of Paleo-Tethys Collision-Related Granitoids from Mashhad, Iran
The study area is located in northeastern Iran (south of Mashhad). The Paleo-Tethys remnants (meta-ophiolite and meta-flysch) were intruded at three different episodes of magmatism (Triassic toExpand
Granitoids marking the end of the brasiliano (Pan - African) orogeny within the central tectonic domain of the Borborema Province
The studied syenogranite and granodiorite intrusions have a similar U-Pb zircon age (ca 570 Ma). They are intruded in the Central Tectonic Domain of the Borborema Province, forming an S-type belt inExpand
Filiación geoquímica mantélica de las rocas ígneas de Salas-Belmonte: implicaciones petrogenéticas (Zona Cantábrica, Macizo Ibérico)
The Salas-Belmonte intrusive group outcrops in the westernmost part of the Cantabrian Zone (Iberian Massif). It is formed by rocks ranging in composition from gabbro to monzogranite. The groupExpand
Hercynian late-post-tectonic granitic rocks from the Fornos de Algodres area (Northern Central Portugal)
Abstract The Fornos de Algodres Complex (FAC) comprises several intrusions of late-post-tectonic Hercynian granitic rocks ranging in composition from hornblende granodiorites and quartzExpand
Genesis and Petrology of Postcollisional Rare-Metal-Bearing Granites in the Arabian Shield: A Case Study of Aja Ring Complex, Northern Saudi Arabia
The Jabal Aja Ring Complex (ARC) is a late Ediacaran composite pluton of postcollisional A-type granites in the northeastern part of the Arabian Shield. It is an elliptical body with discontinuousExpand
The Torak granitic massif: structure, petrology, and mineralogy (Tefedest, Central Hoggar, Algeria)
The Torak massif located to the west of the Atakor volcanic district is a granitic pluton NNE-SSW elongated and crosscut by several NNW-SSE lineaments. It is intrusive within the S-W Tefedest terraneExpand