Composition and structure of zinc-deficient Euglena gracilis chromatin.

  title={Composition and structure of zinc-deficient Euglena gracilis chromatin.},
  author={A J Stankiewicz and Kenneth H. Falchuk and Bert L. Vallee},
  volume={22 22},
The histone content of zinc-deficient (-Zn) Euglena gracilis decreases while, concomitantly, DNA content increases and the transcription rate is reduced markedly [Mazus, B., Falchuk, K. H., & Vallee, B. L. (1983) Biochemistry (in press); Falchuk, K. H., Fawcett, D. W., & Vallee, B. L. (1975) J. Cell Sci. 17, 57-78]. The effects on major constituents of the genome have been examined by studying the rate and extent of hydrolysis of +Zn and -Zn chromatin by micrococcal nuclease, DNase I, or DNase… CONTINUE READING
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