Composition and hydrogen absorption of C14 type ZrMn compounds

  title={Composition and hydrogen absorption of C14 type ZrMn compounds},
  author={R. M. van Essen and K. H. J. Buschow},
Abstract The hexagonal C14 type compound ZrMn 2 has been found to have a homogeneity region extending from ZrMn 1.8 to ZrMn 3.4 . We studied the hydrogen absorption characteristics of various of these compounds at 50°C and H 2 pressures up to 40 atm. Several of the compounds, when not annealed before charging, absorb the H 2 gas in two distinct steps. Only a single plateau pressure was observed if the samples were annealed prior to the H 2 take-up. The changes in magnetic properties… CONTINUE READING


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