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Composite electrolyte membrane and fuel cell using the same

  title={Composite electrolyte membrane and fuel cell using the same},
  author={김은주 and 김헌모 and 신정규 and 윤창훈 and 이봉근 and 이헌상},
  • 김은주, 김헌모, +3 authors 이헌상
  • Published 2006
  • Materials Science
  • A composite electrolyte membrane is provided to prevent degradation of the membrane by removing hydroxy radicals generated during an operation of a fuel cell, and to exhibit stabler performances at high temperature. A composite electrolyte membrane includes a proton conducting polymer, and carbon nanotubes dispersed in a matrix of the proton conducting polymer. The carbon nanotubes remove hydroxy radicals generated by crossover of a fuel gas. The carbon nanotubes absorb the hydroxy radicals… CONTINUE READING

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