Composite distance metric integration by leveraging multiple experts' inputs and its application in patient similarity assessment

  title={Composite distance metric integration by leveraging multiple experts' inputs and its application in patient similarity assessment},
  author={Fei Wang and Jimeng Sun and S. Ebadollahi},
  journal={Stat. Anal. Data Min.},
  • Fei Wang, Jimeng Sun, S. Ebadollahi
  • Published 2012
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Stat. Anal. Data Min.
  • In the real world, it is common that different experts have different opinions on the same problem due to their different experience. [...] Key Method We formulate Comdi as a quadratic optimization problem and propose an efficient alternating strategy to find the solution. Besides learning a globally consistent metric, Comdi provides an elegant way to share knowledge across multiple experts without sharing the underlying data, which lowers the risk of disclosing private data. Our experiments on several…Expand Abstract
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