Composite Materials: Science and Engineering

  title={Composite Materials: Science and Engineering},
  author={Krishan Kumar Chawla},
  journal={Composite Materials},

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Durabilidade mecânica de compósitos de polipropileno com reforço híbrido de fibra de coco e talco
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A comparative analysis on tensile strength of dry and moisture absorbed hybrid kenaf/glass polymer composites
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Bridge Girder Alternatives for Extremely Aggressive Environments
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Compatibilização química em compósitos de PLA reforçados com fibras de sisal
CHEMICAL COMPATIBILIZATION IN SISAL FIBERS REINFORCED PLA COMPOSITES Even though poly(lactic acid) (PLA) is fragile under impact and has low toughness, the polymer stands out for its stiffness andExpand
Adipose-Tissue-Inspired Viscoelastic Composite for Tunable Soft Implant and Elastomer Applications Final Report : May 11 , 2016
Tunable viscoelasticity is highly valuable in biomedical and elastomer applications, with key behaviors such as modulus matching and mechanical damping. By mimicking the structure of adipose tissue,Expand
Avaliação da resistência mecânica e da molhabilidade de fibras de aramida após tratamento com plasma de argônio
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The Fatigue of Carbon Fibre Composites Containing Interlaminar Inkjet Printed Polymer Droplets
The objective of this research was to investigate a novel method of increasing the interlaminar toughening of prepreg composites to improve their fatigue performance, with particular emphasis on theExpand
Recycling of foundry waste materials
The recycling of a foundry ceramic waste from investment casting has been investigated. The waste was reduced in size by fly pressing and disc milling to d50 < 20 μm and cleaned by magneticExpand