Component behavior relativity analysis


Component-Based Development, CBD for short, is becoming a main stream software development paradigm which reuses the off-the-shelf components and assembles them together to form a component-based application. CBD paradigm obviously has aroused a great attention among the engineering and academic domain and many new concepts, tools, and development methodologies have been coming out. However, CBD paradigms are usually questioned by its feasibility and performance. The inherent reason of this dilemma is lacking a methodology to guide researchers or engineers to clarify the behavior relativity among components. In this paper we proposed a new formalism, named component network, which is an extension of Petri net and its powerful capability to modeling distributed system is the guarantee of successful modeling component-based system. Further more, a series operation and theorems are presented, which are concerned to be the footstone of component behavior relativity analysis and software evolution research.

DOI: 10.1145/1350802.1350814

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