Complicity and Collusion in the Mediation of Everyday Life

  title={Complicity and Collusion in the Mediation of Everyday Life},
  author={Roger Silverstone},
  journal={New Literary History},
  pages={761 - 780}
On the 2nd we were at the Wenglers in the afternoon. It once again made an enormous impression on me when they put on the wireless and leapt from London to Rome, from Rome to Moscow etc. The concepts of time and space are annihilated. One must become a mystic. For me radio destroys every form of religion and at the same time gives rise to religion. Gives rise to it twice over: a) because such a miracle exists, b) because the human intellect invests, explains, makes use of it. But this same… 
[Honoring Roger Silverstone] Home, Work and Everyday Life: Roger Silverstone At Sussex is in the everyday, and above all in the detail of the relationships that are made with others and which constitute everyday life's possibility, that our common humanity is created and
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