Complications thromboemboliques graves associées à la présence d'un anticoagulant circulant transitoire de type lupique acquis dans les suites d'un traumatisme crânien grave

  title={Complications thromboemboliques graves associ{\'e}es {\`a} la pr{\'e}sence d'un anticoagulant circulant transitoire de type lupique acquis dans les suites d'un traumatisme cr{\^a}nien grave},
  author={W. Picard and P. Bonneil and V. Boin and F. Descamps and J. Drault and A. Volatron and P. Aye and P. Badia},
  journal={Annales Francaises D Anesthesie Et De Reanimation},
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Anticoagulant circulant : attitude pratique en anesthésie
La decouverte de ces anomalies implique de rechercher une perturbation de l’hemostase a risque potentiel d’accident hemorragique ou thrombotique mais aussi d‘en caracteriser the cause. Expand
Symptomatic Thromboembolism as an Uncommon Postoperative Complication in Young Patients with Spinal Deformity
Despite the rarity of thromboembolism after surgery for major spinal deformities in young patients, the possibility still exists, and patients with a positive history of anterior spinal surgery or poor posturing are probably more susceptible. Expand


Pulmonary thrombosis with transient antiphospholipid syndrome after mononucleosis-like illness.
A 24-year-old Japanese woman, who developed multiple venous thrombosis associated with the elevation of anticardiolipin IgM after acute viral infection presenting a mononucleosis-like illness, disappears two months later. Expand
Predictive value of persistent versus transient antiphospholipid antibody subtypes for the risk of thrombotic events in pediatric patients with systemic lupus erythematosus.
Positivity for multiple APLA subtypes showed stronger associations with TEs than for individual APLASubtypes because of improved specificity, and Lupus anticoagulant is the strongest predictor of the risk of TEs. Expand
Thrombose post-traumatique de la veine cave inférieure.
L'observation d'une thrombose cave inferieure diagnostiquee par uroscanner a l'occasion d'un contusion abdominale avec traumatisme renal est rapportee. Expand