Complications of vasectomies in the United States.

  title={Complications of vasectomies in the United States.},
  author={Juliette S. Kendrick and B. Gim{\'e}nez Gonz{\'a}les and David H. Huber and Gary Sondermann Grubb and George L. Rubin},
  journal={The Journal of family practice},
  volume={25 3},
Physicians in the United States were surveyed in 1983 to gather information concerning the number of vasectomies they performed in 1982 as well as their use of anesthesia and complications of those vasectomies. Most urologists performed vasectomies, whereas family physicians and general surgeons were less likely to do so. As expected, most physicians used local anesthesia, occasionally in combination with a sedative; however, 22 percent of physicians reported using general anesthesia for at… CONTINUE READING

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