Complications of total ischiectomy for the treatment of ischial pressure sores.


Five patients are reported, 4 of whom had total ischiectomies and the other an extensive partial ischiectomy. In each, recurrent ulcers, extending into the perineum, developed subsequently. One patient had a urethrocutaneous fistula as a result of his perineal ulcer, and he had to undergo an ileal loop diversion. Following a unilateral ischiectomy, the pressure is shifted to the opposite ischium, and this favors the development of another ischial pressure sore on the opposite side. After bilateral ischiectomy there is much more pressure on the perineum, and these patients may go on to develop a perineal pressure sore--particularly if there is a dislocated hip. Recurrent pressure sores which extend into the perineum are difficult to treat, and usually they appear to be related to a previous extensive removal of the ischia.


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