Complications of dysglycemia and medical costs associated with nondiabetic hyperglycemia.

  title={Complications of dysglycemia and medical costs associated with nondiabetic hyperglycemia.},
  author={Gregory A Nichols and Bhakti V Arondekar and William H Herman},
  journal={The American journal of managed care},
  volume={14 12},
OBJECTIVE To estimate the prevalence of complications associated with diabetes in patients with hyperglycemia below the threshold for diabetes, and to evaluate the associated medical costs. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective observational cohort study. METHODS We used fasting and random glucose test results, and a previously validated predictive equation to assign 26,111 nondiabetic patients to the following categories: normoglycemia, isolated impaired fasting glucose (I-IFG), isolated impaired… CONTINUE READING
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