Complications from micronutrient deficiency following bariatric surgery.


We report a case of clinically significant micronutrient deficiencies following biliary pancreatic diversion (BPD) surgery. Our patient was admitted to hospital six years after BPD surgery following a low impact humeral fracture complicated by postoperative wound infection. On presentation she complained of a widespread rash and loss of night vision. Laboratory testing confirmed hypoalbuminaemia, deficiencies of vitamins A, E and D and of the trace elements copper, zinc and selenium. Bone densitometry confirmed osteoporosis. The skin rash was thought to be due to zinc deficiency and improved with conservative measures and trace element replacement. Her night blindness resolved 48 hours after receiving high dose parenteral vitamin A. Six months later she was readmitted to our intensive care unit with wound dehiscence at her fracture site and clinical features of sepsis and encephalopathy. This case highlights the importance of devising treatment and follow-up guidance prior to surgery and multidisciplinary team involvement including the patient so that long-term metabolic complications are avoided.

DOI: 10.1177/0004563214535562
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