• Medicine
  • Published 2011

Complication of manual small-incision cataract surgery

  title={Complication of manual small-incision cataract surgery},
  author={Chen Hui},
Objective:To analyze the cause and treatment of complication during manual small-incision cataract surgery(MSICS).Methods:Clinical data of 142 eyes with MSICS were collected and analyzed.Results:During surgery,15 eyes(10.6%)had envelop rupture,9 eyes(6.3%) had repetitive prolapse of upper iris,2(1.4%) had comeal edma,11(7.7%) had mutilation of iris root including 7 lower iris root mutilation and 4 upper,1(0.7%) had anterior chamber hyphema and 11(7.7%) had upper incision leakage.There was no… CONTINUE READING

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