• Medicine
  • Published 2006

Complicaciones respiratorias perioperatorias en pacientes pediátricos con masas mediastínicas: A propósito de dos casos

  title={Complicaciones respiratorias perioperatorias en pacientes pedi{\'a}tricos con masas mediast{\'i}nicas: A prop{\'o}sito de dos casos},
  author={Gloria Otero and Antonio P{\'e}rez Ferrer and Elena Gredilla D{\'i}az and Jes{\'u}s de Vicente S{\'a}nchez},
Summary General anesthesia in patients with mediastinal masses can lead to life-threatening cardiorespiratory complications. We report the cases of 2 pediatric patients with mediastinal masses who developed serious complications during general anesthesia. The first was a 13-year-old boy with a suspected diagnosis of high-grade T-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma, lymph node disease, and an anterior mediastinal mass. He developed negative pressure pulmonary edema secondary to severe upper airway… CONTINUE READING

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