Compliance and medication knowledge among elderly Japanese home-care recipients

  title={Compliance and medication knowledge among elderly Japanese home-care recipients},
  author={Junko Okuno and Hisako Yanagi and Shigeo Tomura and Michiyo Oka and Satoshi Hara and Chiaki Hirano and Sinichiro Tsuchiya},
  journal={European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology},
Objectives: To investigate the risk factors for noncompliance in elderly home-care recipients; and to evaluate to what extent regular home visits and drug counseling by a pharmacist contribute to compliance. Subjects: One hundred and sixty-three elderly home-care recipients aged 62 years and over took part in this study. All subjects were cognitively normal, and taking a regimen of one or more prescribed drugs. Medication use was observed by pharmacist-conducted interviews during home visits… CONTINUE READING