Compliance Checking for Requirement-Oriented Service Workflow Interoperations


The Internet of Things (IoT) not only identifies physical and virtual objects, but also enables the connection of such objects in an internet-like structure. In this context, services are one of the most important technologies where IoT can be utilized to enhance dynamic interoperation in the form of service workflows. In opened environments, because services are dynamically gathered, IoT identification is an essential feature which leads to more complicated service composition than before. Since services may possess different requirements, it becomes very challenging to determine suitable services to be a part of a workflow. Compliance of such requirements, reflecting trust-based decision of a service to join a workflow, plays a significant role in the success of service interoperation. This paper presents the compliance checking algorithms for service workflow specification (SWSpec) and service workflow net (SWN) to support trust-based decision for service workflow participation. The application of SWSpec is illustrated using an example of a disaster warning system. Finally, the prototype is developed to evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithms.

DOI: 10.1109/TII.2014.2301132

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