Complexity Measures for Public-Key Cryptosystems (Preliminary Report)

  title={Complexity Measures for Public-Key Cryptosystems (Preliminary Report)},
  author={Joachim Grollmann and Alan L. Selman},
A b s t r a c t The f i r s t p a r t of t h i s paper g i v e s r e s u l t s about promise problems. A "promise problem" i s a formulation of a p a r t i a l d e c i s i o n problem t h a t i s u s e f u l f o r d e s c r i b i n g cracking problems f o r public-key cryptosystems (PKCS). We prove t h a t every NP-hard promise problem i s uniformly NP-hard, and w e show t h a t a number of r e s u l t s and a c o n j e c t u r e about promise problems a r e e q u i v a l e n t t o s e p a r a… CONTINUE READING

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