Complexin and Ca2+ stimulate SNARE-mediated membrane fusion

  title={Complexin and Ca2+ stimulate SNARE-mediated membrane fusion},
  author={Tae-young Yoon and Xiaobind Lu and Jiajie Diao and S B Lee and Taekjip Ha and Y. Z. Shin},
  booktitle={Nature Structural &Molecular Biology},
Ca2+-triggered, synchronized synaptic vesicle fusion underlies interneuronal communication. Complexin is a major binding partner of the SNARE complex, the core fusion machinery at the presynapse. The physiological data on complexin, however, have been at odds with each other, making delineation of its molecular function difficult. Here we report direct observation of two-faceted functions of complexin using the single-vesicle fluorescence fusion assay and EPR. We show that complexin I has two… CONTINUE READING