Complexes of vanadium(III) with L-alanine and L-aspartic acid.

  title={Complexes of vanadium(III) with L-alanine and L-aspartic acid.},
  author={Krystyna Bukietyńska and Halina Podsiadly and Zofia Karwecka},
  journal={Journal of inorganic biochemistry},
  volume={94 4},
The equilibria of the complexation processes of V(3+) with L-alanine and L-aspartic acid in aqueous solution over a wide pH range (2-10) were studied by potentiometric and spectroscopic (UV-Vis, CD) methods. The results show that alanine forms complexes with V(3+) in the metal ion concentration range and at the ligand-to-metal ratios investigated, giving mononuclear species only. In ML(2) species, which dominate in the range pH 4-8, alanine acts as a bidendate ligand through O and N atoms. The… CONTINUE READING