Complex world sheets from N=2 strings

  title={Complex world sheets from N=2 strings},
  author={J. L. F. Barb{\'o}n and Miguel Angel Vazquez-Mozo},
  journal={Nuclear Physics},
Abstract We study some properties of target space strings constructed from (2,1) heterotic strings. We argue that world-sheet complexification is a general property of the bosonic sector of such target world-sheets. We give a target space interpretation of this fact and relate it to the non-gaussian nature of free String Field Theory. We provide several one-loop calculations supporting the stringy construction of critical world-sheets in terms of (2,1) models. Using finite-temperature boundary… 
Geometrical Structures of M-Theory
N=(2,1) heterotic string theory provides clues about hidden structure in M-theory related to string duality; in effect it geometrizes some aspects of duality. The program whereby one may deduce this


(1,2) heterotic string with gauge symmetry.
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  • Physics, Medicine
    Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1996
It is shown that fermionizing the bosons of the compactified {ital N}=1 space leads to a particle spectrum which has non-Abelian gauge symmetry.
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    Physical review letters
  • 1988
I consider string propagation in a certain complexified version of space-time, in an attempt to gain some intuition about a possible unbroken phase of string theory. Topological \ensuremath{\sigma}
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Computation of the one-loop vacuum energy is attempted for closed bosonic string compactified on various tori. Modular invariance of the one-loop vacuum energy is shown. The divergent tachyon