[Complex treatment of mastopathy patients with concomitant diseases].


Efficiency value of complex treatment of patients with cystic disease during side-illnesses. The aim of the article was to study the efficiency of complex treatment of mastopitia patients with concomitant diseases. The complex therapy of 1044 patients was carried out. Patients with cystic disease who does not suffer concomitant diseases (152 patients) where treated with mastodinon, vitamins, ginsheng, dehidratation, trancvilizators, antihistamines, drugs of K. After 24-26 months of treatment 144 (95%) patients fully recovered. The subjective progress was found in 8 cases (4%). In group with hormonal disorders recovery was in 120 cases (90%) and the subjective progress was in 13 patients (6%). Apart, the hormonal drugs had been used considering hormonal profile. 401 patients with concomitant diseases of genitals were treated with hormones, iodinotherapy and mastodinon. The best result in this group has been shown in patients with uterus fibromiomas - 110 patients and with ovarian micro cists with no need of surgical treatment - 78 patients compared with chronic adneqsitis (213 patients) - 90 (82%) patients; 67 (86%) patients; 162 (76%) patients. In case of concomitant diseases of liver and gold bladder, the treatment was effective in 113 (89%) patients. Ineffective treatment has been discovered in 5% 6 (5%) patients with hepatopathia and 28 (22%) patients with cholecistitis. The L-thyroxin was included in treatment in case of hypothyreosis (66 patients). Positive effect has been reached in 52 (78,5%) patients and progressive recovery was found in 13 (20%) patients. The complex therapy was effective for 648 (62%) of 1044 patients. Positive development was in 238 (27,8%) cases. In the group of patients who did not suffer concomitant diseases 4,9% has shown progress in treatment and 92,6% fully recovered.

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