Complex transcription and splicing of odorant receptor genes.

  title={Complex transcription and splicing of odorant receptor genes.},
  author={Armin Volz and Anke Ehlers and Ruth M Younger and Simon Forbes and John Trowsdale and Dietmar Schnorr and Stephan Beck and Andreas Ziegler},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={278 22},
Human major histocompatibility (human leucocyte antigen (HLA)) complex-linked odorant receptor (OR) genes are among the best characterized OR genes in the human genome. In addition to their functions as odorant receptors in olfactory epithelium, they have been suggested to play a role in the fertilization process. Here, we report the first in-depth analysis of their expression and regulation within testicular tissue. Sixteen HLA-linked OR and three non-HLA-linked OR were analyzed. One OR gene… CONTINUE READING