Complex role of tumor cell transforming growth factor (TGF)-βs on breast carcinoma progression

  title={Complex role of tumor cell transforming growth factor (TGF)-βs on breast carcinoma progression},
  author={Katri M. Koli and Carlos L. Arteaga},
  journal={Journal of Mammary Gland Biology and Neoplasia},
Growth inhibition by the TGF-βs has been extensively studied in both normal and transformed mammary epithelial cells. It has been proposed that loss of autocrine TGF-β mediated growth regulation is a critical event in breast tumorigenesis and several lines ofin vitro andin vivo data support this hypothesis. However, a positive association between the expression of TGF-βs by tumor cells and the progression or maintenance of breast cancinoma cells has been observed in many studies inin vivo tumor… CONTINUE READING
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