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Complex regional pain syndrome : new concepts regarding diagnosis and treatment

  title={Complex regional pain syndrome : new concepts regarding diagnosis and treatment},
  author={Paulo Henrique Pires Aguiar and Joseph E Buwembo and D{\'e}bora Laena Barroso Sacoman and Camila Amaral Silva and Camila Pereira Barretto and Iracema Ara{\'u}jo Estev{\~a}o and Bruno Camporeze and Renata Faria Simm and Samuel Simis and Chris E.U. Ekong},
Background: The authors presented a critical review about the clinical picture, diagnosis, classification and treatment of complex regional pain syndrome, discussing all methods of treatment and emphasizing that the reabiltation must be employed in order to obtain a better result. Psychological aspect must be involved in the treatment and also multidisciplinary team is encouraged to take part on it. 

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  • E. Hsu
  • Medicine
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  • 2009
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