Complex interactions between yeast TFIIIB and TFIIIC.

  title={Complex interactions between yeast TFIIIB and TFIIIC.},
  author={N Chaussivert and Christine Conesa and Sahar Shaaban and A. Sentenac},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={270 25},
Transcription of yeast class III genes requires the sequential assembly of the general transcription factors TFIIIC and TFIIIB, and of RNA polymerase III, into an initiation complex composed of at least 25 polypeptides. The 70-kDa subunit of TFIIIB (TFIIIB70) is central in this network of interactions as it contacts both TATA-binding protein and a subunit of polymerase III. We show here that the TATA-binding protein interacts with the carboxyl-terminal part of TFIIIB70. TFIIIB70 also contacts… CONTINUE READING
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