Complex-energy analysis of the proton-proton fusion

  title={Complex-energy analysis of the proton-proton fusion},
  author={David Gaspard and J. Sparenberg and Quentin Wenda and D. Baye},
  journal={arXiv: Nuclear Theory},
A novel analysis of the astrophysical $S$ factor of the proton-proton weak capture ($\mathrm{p}+\mathrm{p}\rightarrow {}^2\mathrm{H}+\mathrm{e}^++\nu_{\mathrm{e}}$) is performed on a large energy range covering solar-core and early Universe temperatures. The measurement of $S$ being physically unachievable, its value relies on the theoretical calculation of the matrix element $\Lambda$. Surprisingly, $\Lambda$ reaches a maximum near $0.13~\mathrm{MeV}$ that has been unexplained until now. To… Expand
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