Complex bismuth chalcogenides as thermoelectrics

  title={Complex bismuth chalcogenides as thermoelectrics},
  author={D. Chung and T. Hogan and J. Schindler and L. Iordarridis and P. Brazis and C. Kannewurf and Baoxin Chen and C. Uher and M. Kanatzidis},
  journal={XVI ICT '97. Proceedings ICT'97. 16th International Conference on Thermoelectrics (Cat. No.97TH8291)},
  • D. Chung, T. Hogan, +6 authors M. Kanatzidis
  • Published 1997
  • Materials Science
  • XVI ICT '97. Proceedings ICT'97. 16th International Conference on Thermoelectrics (Cat. No.97TH8291)
A solid state chemistry synthetic approach towards identifying new materials with potentially superior thermoelectric properties is presented. Materials with complex compositions and structures also have complex electronic structures which may give rise to high thermoelectric powers and at the same time possess low thermal conductivities. The structures and thermoelectric properties of several new promising compounds of K-Bi-S, K-Bi-Se, and Cs-Bi-Te are discussed. 

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