Complex algebraic compactifications of the moduli space of Hermitian Yang–Mills connections on a projective manifold

  title={Complex algebraic compactifications
of the moduli space of Hermitian Yang–Mills connections on a projective
  author={Daniel Greb and Benjamin Sibley and Matei Toma and Richard A. Wentworth},
  journal={Geometry \& Topology},
In this paper we study the relationship between three compactifications of the moduli space of Hermitian-Yang-Mills connections on a fixed Hermitian vector bundle over a projective algebraic manifold of arbitrary dimension. Via the Donaldson-Uhlenbeck-Yau theorem, this space is analytically isomorphic to the moduli space of stable holomorphic vector bundles, and as such it admits an algebraic compactification by Gieseker-Maruyama semistable torsion-free sheaves. A recent construction due to the… 
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Now back in print, this highly regarded book has been updated to reflect recent advances in the theory of semistable coherent sheaves and their moduli spaces, which include moduli spaces in positive
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