Complex Genetic Interactions in a Quantitative Trait Locus

  title={Complex Genetic Interactions in a Quantitative Trait Locus},
  author={Himanshu Sinha and Bradly P. Nicholson and Lars M. Steinmetz and John H Mccusker},
  journal={PLoS Genetics},
  pages={326 - 330}
Whether in natural populations or between two unrelated members of a species, most phenotypic variation is quantitative. To analyze such quantitative traits, one must first map the underlying quantitative trait loci. Next, and far more difficult, one must identify the quantitative trait genes (QTGs), characterize QTG interactions, and identify the phenotypically relevant polymorphisms to determine how QTGs contribute to phenotype. In this work, we analyzed three Saccharomyces cerevisiae high… CONTINUE READING

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