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Complex-Dynamical Nanobiotechnology Paradigm and Intrinsically Creative Evolution

  title={Complex-Dynamical Nanobiotechnology Paradigm and Intrinsically Creative Evolution},
  author={A. Kirilyuk},
  • A. Kirilyuk
  • Published 2016
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • viXra
Complex nanosystem dynamics is analysed by the unreduced solution of arbitrary many-body interaction problem, leading to the fundamental dynamic multivaluedness and universal definition of dynamic complexity in terms of the number of system realisations. We show that genuine quantum and classical chaos can only be strong for a free-interaction nanoscale system providing exponentially huge, “magic” efficiency of such unreduced interaction dynamics, which underlies the properties of life… Expand
Theory of Everything, Ultimate Reality and the End of Humanity: Extended Sustainability by the Universal Science of Complexity
The exciting, but rigorously substantiated and objectively inevitable prospects of further civilisation complexity development towards its superior levels of genuine sustainability and global Noosphere are outlined, with practically important conclusions for today's critical problem solution. Expand
We review the recently proposed universal concept of dynamic complexity and its new mathematics based on the unreduced interaction problem solution. We then consider its progressbringing applicationsExpand
Objective Fundamental Reality Structure by the Unreduced Complexity Development
We explain why exactly the simplified abstract scheme of reality within the standard science paradigm cannot provide the consistent picture of "truly fundamental" reality and how the unreduced,Expand


New Mathematics of Complexity and Its Biomedical Applications
We show that the unreduced, mathematically rigorous solution of the many-body problem with arbitrary interaction, avoiding any perturbative approximations and “exact” models, reveals qualitativelyExpand
Complex Dynamics of Real Quantum, Classical and Hybrid Micro-Machines
Any real interaction process produces many incompatible system versions, or realisations, giving rise to omnipresent dynamic randomness and universally defined complexity (arXiv:physics/9806002).Expand
Universal concept of complexity by the dynamic redundance paradigm: Causal randomness, complete wave mechanics, and the ultimate unification of knowledge
The fundamental impasses and ruptures in various domains of the canonical, unitary science, or the 'end of science', become the more and more evident. The natural unity of being is recovered within aExpand
Unreduced Complex Dynamics of Real Computer and Control Systems
  • A. Kirilyuk
  • Computer Science
  • 2015 20th International Conference on Control Systems and Computer Science
  • 2015
It is shown then how the obtained mathematically exact novelties of system behaviour can be applied to the development of qualitatively new, complex-dynamical kind of computer and control systems. Expand
Consistent cosmology, dynamic relativity and causal quantum mechanics as unified manifestations of the symmetry of complexity
The present invention relates to an interbody spinal stabilization method and an interbody spinal stabilization cage. The cage has a parallelepipedic shape and comprises a central hollow spaceExpand
Network Control and Engineering for QoS, Security and Mobility
  • D. Gaïti, N. Boukhatem
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • IFIP — The International Federation for Information Processing
  • 2003
This volume contains the proceedings of the first International Conference on NETwork CONtrol and Engineering (NETCON) for Quality of Service, Security and Mobility, which was sponsored by the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP), and organized by IFIP TC6 Working Group 6.7 (Smart Networks). Expand
Complex-Dynamic Origin of Consciousness and Sustainability Transition (Saarbrücken: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
  • 2014
Consistent Understanding of Ecological, Living and Intelligent System Dynamics”, Invited talk at the International Conference “Describing Complex Systems 2006” (Brijuni Islands, 12-14 June 2006), p
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