Complex-Dynamical Extension of the Fractal Paradigm and Its Applications in Life Sciences *

  title={Complex-Dynamical Extension of the Fractal Paradigm and Its Applications in Life Sciences *},
  author={Andrei P. Kirilyuk},
  journal={arXiv: General Physics},
Complex-dynamical fractal is a hierarchy of permanently, chaotically changing versions of system structure, obtained as the unreduced, causally probabilistic general solution to an arbitrary interaction problem. Intrinsic creativity of this extension of usual fractality determines its exponentially high operation efficiency, which underlies many specific functions of living systems, such as autonomous adaptability, “purposeful” development, intelligence and consciousness (at higher complexity… Expand
Universal Science of Complexity: Consistent Understanding of Ecological, Living and Intelligent System Dynamics
Applications of universal concept of dynamic complexity are outlined emphasising cases of "truly complex" systems from higher complexity levels and show that the urgently needed progress in social and intellectual structure of civilisation inevitably involves qualitative transition to unreduced complexity understanding (the authors call it "revolution of complexity"). Expand
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Dynamic Complexity of Autonomic Communication and Software Systems
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Unreduced Complex Dynamics of Real Computer and Control Systems
  • A. Kirilyuk
  • Computer Science
  • 2015 20th International Conference on Control Systems and Computer Science
  • 2015
It is shown then how the obtained mathematically exact novelties of system behaviour can be applied to the development of qualitatively new, complex-dynamical kind of computer and control systems. Expand
Complex-Dynamical Approach to Cosmological Problem Solution *
Universe structure emerges in the unreduced, complex-dynamic interaction process with the simplest initial configuration (two attracting homogeneous fields). The unreduced interaction analysis,Expand
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Increasing biological complexity is positively correlated with the relative genome-wide expansion of non-protein-coding DNA sequences
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