Complex Algebraic Surfaces

  title={Complex Algebraic Surfaces},
  author={Arnaud Beauville},
Introduction Notation Part I. The Picard Group and the Riemann-Roch Theorem: Part II. Birational Maps: Part III. Ruled Surfaces: Part IV. Rational Surfaces: Part V. Castelnuovo's Theorem and Applications: Part VI. Surfaces With pg = 0 and q > 1: Part VII. Kodaira Dimension: Part VIII. Surfaces With k = 0: Part IX. Surfaces With k = 1 and Elliptic Surfaces: Part X. Surfaces of General Type: Appendix A. Characteristic p Appendix B. Complex surfaces Appendix C. Further reading References Index. 
3264 and All That: A Second Course in Algebraic Geometry
Introduction 1. Introducing the Chow ring 2. First examples 3. Introduction to Grassmannians and lines in P3 4. Grassmannians in general 5. Chern classes 6. Lines on hypersurfaces 7. Singular
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In this dissertation, we will present two new results in complex geometry. The first one is for a borderline class of surfaces with nef cotangent bundle. The statement of the main theorem on this
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Negative curves on algebraic surfaces
We study curves of negative self-intersection on algebraic surfaces. Our main result shows there exist smooth complex projective surfaces X, related to Hilbert modular surfaces, such that X contains
Integrable systems and projective images of Kummer surfaces
The (-1 )-involution on the Jacobian Jr of an arbitrary Riemann surface r of genus two leads to a singular surface, the Kummer surface Icr of Jr, which, after desingularization, defines a X-3 surface
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Let S be a smooth projective algebraic surface satisfying the following property: H i (S, B) = 0 for i > 0, for any irreducible and reduced curve B of S. The aim of this paper is to provide a
Example 1.2 (K3 surfaces of degrees 4, 6, and 8). Let X be a smooth complete intersection of type (d1, . . . , dr) in Pk , i.e., X ⊆ P has codimension r and X = H1∩· · ·∩Hr, where Hi is a