Complex, multimodal behavioral profile of the Homer1 knockout mouse.

  title={Complex, multimodal behavioral profile of the Homer1 knockout mouse.},
  author={P J Jaubert and M. Golub and Yen Yu Lo and Stacey L. Germann and Marlin H. Dehoff and Paul F Worley and Shin H Kang and Martin Karl Schwarz and P. H. Seeburg and Robert F. Berman},
  journal={Genes, brain, and behavior},
  volume={6 2},
Proteins of the Homer1 immediate early gene family have been associated with synaptogenesis and synaptic plasticity suggesting broad behavioral consequences of loss of function. This study examined the behavior of male Homer1 knockout (KO) mice compared with wild-type (WT) and heterozygous mice using a battery of 10 behavioral tests probing sensory, motor, social, emotional and learning/memory functions. KO mice showed mild somatic growth retardation, poor motor coordination, enhanced sensory… CONTINUE READING
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