Completion and amalgamation of bounded distributive quasi lattices

  title={Completion and amalgamation of bounded distributive quasi lattices},
  author={Majid Alizadeh and Antonio Ledda and Hector Freytes},
  journal={Log. J. IGPL},
In this note we present a completion for the variety of bounded distributive quasi lattices, and, inspired by a well-known idea of L.L. Maksimova [14], we apply this result in proving the amalgamation property for such a class of algebras. 
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A categorical equivalence for bounded distributive quasi lattices satisfying: x ∨ 0 = 0 ⇒ x = 0

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Recently, several authors extended Priestley duality for distributive lattices [9] to other classes of algebras, such as, e.g. distributive lattices with operators [7], MV -algebras [8], MTL and IMTL

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