Completeness theorems for non-cryptographic fault-tolerant distributed computation

  title={Completeness theorems for non-cryptographic fault-tolerant distributed computation},
  author={M. Ben-Or and S. Goldwasser and A. Wigderson},
  booktitle={STOC '88},
  • M. Ben-Or, S. Goldwasser, A. Wigderson
  • Published in STOC '88 1988
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Every function of <italic>n</italic> inputs can be efficiently computed by a complete network of <italic>n</italic> processors in such a way that:<list><item>If no faults occur, no set of size <italic>t</italic> < <italic>n</italic>/2 of players gets any additional information (other than the function value), </item><item>Even if Byzantine faults are allowed, no set of size <italic>t</italic> < <italic>n</italic>/3 can either disrupt the computation or get additional information. </item></list… CONTINUE READING
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