Completely controlling the dimensions of formal fiber rings at prime ideals of small height

  title={Completely controlling the dimensions of formal fiber rings at prime ideals of small height},
  author={Sarah M. Fleming and Lena Ji and Susan Loepp and Peter M. McDonald and Nina Pande and David Schwein},
  journal={Journal of Commutative Algebra},
Let $T$ be a complete equicharacteristic local (Noetherian) UFD of dimension $3$ or greater. Assuming that $|T| = |T/m|$, where $m$ is the maximal ideal of $T$, we construct a local UFD $A$ whose completion is $T$ and whose formal fibers at height one prime ideals have prescribed dimension between zero and the dimension of the generic formal fiber. If, in addition, $T$ is regular and has characteristic zero, we can construct $A$ to be excellent. 
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Charters and S . Loepp , Semilocal generic formal fibers
  • J . Algebra
  • 2004
Excellent Rings, Henselian Rings, and the Approximation Property