Completely bounded maps and invariant subspaces

  title={Completely bounded maps and invariant subspaces},
  author={Mahmood Alaghmandan and Ivan G. Todorov and Lyudmila Turowska},
  journal={Mathematische Zeitschrift},
We provide a description of certain invariance properties of completely bounded bimodule maps in terms of their symbols. If $$\mathbb {G}$$ G is a locally compact quantum group, we characterise the completely bounded $$L^{\infty }(\mathbb {G})'$$ L ∞ ( G ) ′ -bimodule maps that send $$C_0({\hat{\mathbb {G}}})$$ C 0 ( G ^ ) into $$L^{\infty }({\hat{\mathbb {G}}})$$ L ∞ ( G ^ ) in terms of the properties of the corresponding elements of the normal Haagerup tensor product $$L^{\infty }(\mathbb {G… 

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