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Complete order and relative entropy decay rates

  title={Complete order and relative entropy decay rates},
  author={Li Gao and Marius Junge and Nicholas Laracuente and Haojian Li},
We prove that the complete modified log-Sobolev constant of a quantum Markov semigroup is bounded by the inverse of its completely bounded mixing time. This implies that the complete modified log-Sobolev constant is comparable to spectral gap up to a constant as logarithm of dimension or index. The quantum version of a classical birth-death process shows that this bound is tight. Such an estimate is obtained for GNS-symmetric quantum Markov semigroups on general von Neumann algebras. As an… 
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Asymptotic Equipartition Theorems in von Neumann algebras

The main technical contributions are to extend to the context of general von Neumann algebras a chain rule for quantum channels, as well as an additivity result for the channel relative entropy with a replacer channel.



Entropy and index for subfactors

Soit M un facteur de type II 1 de trace normalise τ et N⊂M un sous-facteur. On demontre que l'indice [M:N] est fini si et seulement si M est un module projectif finiment genere sur N et que si c'est


This is an expository paper on the use of logarithmic Sobolev inequalities for bounding rates of convergence of Markov chains on finite state spaces to their stationary distributions. Logarithmic

On contraction properties of Markov kernels

Abstract. We study Lipschitz contraction properties of general Markov kernels seen as operators on spaces of probability measures equipped with entropy-like ``distances''. Universal quantitative

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Ricci Curvature of Finite Markov Chains via Convexity of the Entropy

We study a new notion of Ricci curvature that applies to Markov chains on discrete spaces. This notion relies on geodesic convexity of the entropy and is analogous to the one introduced by Lott,

Émery. Diffusions hypercontractives

  • In Séminaire de probabilités, XIX, 1983/84,
  • 1985

Complete Entropic Inequalities for Quantum Markov Chains

We prove that every GNS-symmetric quantum Markov semigroup on a finite dimensional matrix algebra satisfies a modified log-Sobolev inequality. In the discrete time setting, we prove that every finite