Complete mitochondrial genome of Grey-headed Lapwing Vanellus cinereus (Ciconiiformes: Charadriidae)

  title={Complete mitochondrial genome of Grey-headed Lapwing Vanellus cinereus (Ciconiiformes: Charadriidae)},
  author={Huishang She and Guanghong Zhao and Lizhi Zhou and Changming Gu},
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Abstract The Grey-headed Lapwing (Vanellus cinereus) is a Vanellus bird belonging to the group Ciconiiformes, which breeds in northeast China and Japan. In this study, we sequenced its complete mitochondrial genome by PCR-based method. The mitochondrial DNA is packaged in a compact 17,135 based pair (bp) circular molecule with A + T content of 55.14%. It contains 37 typical mitochondrial genes, including 13 protein-coding genes, 2 rRNAs and 22 tRNAs and a non-coding control region (D-loop). All… 

Complete mitochondrial genome of the gray-headed lapwing (Vanellus cinereus) from Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China

The result of phylogenetic analysis showed that there was close genetic relationship between V. cinereus and V. vanellus and the whole mtDNA genome was determined in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China.



The complete sequence of the mitochondrial genome of Buteo buteo (Aves, Accipitridae) indicates an early split in the phylogeny of raptors.

Phylogenetic analyses indicate an early split between Accipitridae and Falconidae, which can be assumed to have taken place in the late Cretaceous 65-83 MYA, according to molecular dating of other avian divergence times.

Mitochondrial genomes and avian phylogeny: complex characters and resolvability without explosive radiations.

By showing the avian tree is, in principle, resolvable, it is demonstrated that the radiation of birds is amenable to standard evolutionary analysis.

Animal mitochondrial genomes.

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The comparison of animal mitochondrial gene arrangements has become a very powerful means for inferring ancient evolutionary relationships, since rearrangements appear to be unique, generally rare events that are unlikely to arise independently in separate evolutionary lineages.

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Survey and summary animal mitochondrial genomes

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