Complete genome sequence of a novel mycovirus from Phoma matteucciicola

  title={Complete genome sequence of a novel mycovirus from Phoma matteucciicola},
  author={Jia Zhou and Xiaochuan Hu and Xiaofei Liang and Yuhua Wang and Changping Xie and Li Zheng},
  journal={Archives of Virology},
The complete genome sequence of a novel mycovirus, Phoma matteucciicola RNA virus 1 (PmRV1), derived from Phoma matteucciicola strain LG-01, was sequenced and analyzed. The complete cDNA sequence of PmRV1 is 3432 bp in length with a GC content of 57.17%. The genome of PmRV1 contains two putative open reading frames (ORFs): ORF1 and ORF2. ORF1 encodes a hypothetical protein with significant similarity to a protein encoded by Periconia macrospinosa ambiguivirus 1 (PmAV1). ORF2 encodes a protein… 
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Molecular characterization of a novel single-stranded RNA virus, ChRV1, isolated from the plant-pathogenic fungus Colletotrichum higginsianum.
Phylogenetic analysis of the RdRp domain showed that ChRV1 grouped together with PmRV 1, PmAV1, and other unclassified (+) ssRNA mycoviruses and had a distant relationship to invertebrate viruses and plant viruses of the family Tombusviridae.


Complete genomic sequence and organization of a novel mycovirus from Phoma matteuccicola strain LG915
This is the first report of the full-length nucleotide sequence of a novel virus of the genus Gammapartitivirus infecting P. matteuccicola strain LG915, the causal agent of leaf blight of Curcuma wenyujin.
The complete genome sequence of a novel hypovirus infecting Bipolaris oryzae
This is the first report of the presence of a hypovirus in the phytopathogenic fungus B. oryzae, and it is suggested that BoHV1 belongs to the genus Hypovirus within the family Hypoviridae.
Molecular Characterization of a Novel Ourmia-Like Virus Infecting Phoma matteucciicola
Cellular fractionation assay andylogenetic analysis indicated that PmOLV1 is a new member of the genus Penoulivirus (recently proposed) within the family Botourmiaviridae.
A novel single-stranded RNA virus isolated from the rice-pathogenic fungus Magnaporthe oryzae with similarity to members of the family Tombusviridae
This virus, for which the provisional name Magnaporthe oryzae virus A (MoVA) is proposed, belongs to a new taxon of mycoviruses that are evolutionarily related to plant viruses belonging to the family Tombusviridae.
A geminivirus-related DNA mycovirus that confers hypovirulence to a plant pathogenic fungus
The discovery of an ssDNA mycovirus from the plant pathogenic fungus Sclerotinia sclerotiorum enhances the potential of exploring fungal viruses as valuable tools for molecular manipulation of fungi and for plant disease control and expands the knowledge of global virus ecology and evolution.
A Novel Deltaflexivirus that Infects the Plant Fungal Pathogen, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, Can Be Transmitted Among Host Vegetative Incompatible Strains
It is determined that SsDFV2 could be efficiently transmitted to host vegetative incompatible individuals by dual culture, the first report that a (+) ssRNA mycovirus can overcome the transmission limitations of the vegetative incompatibility system.
A tripartite ssDNA mycovirus from a plant pathogenic fungus is infectious as cloned DNA and purified virions
A tripartite circular single-stranded DNA mycovirus, named Fusarium graminearum gemytripvirus 1 (FgGMTV1), which comprises three circular ssDNA segments (DNA-A, DNA-B, and DNA-C), and which sequence alignments and phylogenetic analyses showed is nested within the family Genomoviridae.
Mutation Analysis of the GDD Sequence Motif of a Calicivirus RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase
The results demonstrated that the first aspartate residue was absolutely required for enzyme function and that some flexibility existed with respect to the second, which could be replaced by glutamate.