Complete genome sequence of Thermosediminibacter oceani type strain (JW/IW-1228PT)

  title={Complete genome sequence of Thermosediminibacter oceani type strain (JW/IW-1228PT)},
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  journal={Standards in Genomic Sciences},
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Thermosediminibacter oceani (Lee et al. 2006) is the type species of the genus Thermosediminibacter in the family Thermoanaerobacteraceae. The anaerobic, barophilic, chemoorganotrophic thermophile is characterized by straight to curved Gram-negative rods. The strain described in this study was isolated from a core sample of deep sea sediments of the Peruvian high productivity upwelling system. This is the first completed genome sequence of a member of the genus Thermosediminibacter and the… Expand
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  • J. Chun, Jae-Hak Lee, +4 authors Y. Lim
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  • International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology
  • 2007
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