Complete genome sequence of Eggerthella lenta type strain (IPP VPI 0255T)

  title={Complete genome sequence of Eggerthella lenta type strain (IPP VPI 0255T)},
  author={Elizabeth A Saunders and R{\"u}diger Pukall and Birte Abt and Alla L. Lapidus and Tijana Glavina del Rio and Alex Copeland and Hope N Tice and Jan-fang Cheng and Susan M. Lucas and Feng Chen and Matt Nolan and David Carlton Bruce and Lynne A. Goodwin and Sam Pitluck and Natalia N Ivanova and Konstantinos Mavromatis and Galina Ovchinnikova and Amrita Pati and Amy Chen and Krishna Palaniappan and Miriam L. Land and Loren J. Hauser and Yun-juan Chang and Cynthia D. Jeffries and Patrick S. G. Chain and Linda J. Meincke and David R Sims and Thomas S. Brettin and J. Chris Detter and Markus G{\"o}ker and Jim Bristow and Jonathan A. Eisen and Victor M. Markowitz and Philip Hugenholtz and Nikos C Kyrpides and Hans-Peter Klenk and Cliff Han},
  booktitle={Standards in genomic sciences},
Eggerthella lenta (Eggerth 1935) Wade et al. 1999, emended Würdemann et al. 2009 is the type species of the genus Eggerthella, which belongs to the actinobacterial family Coriobacteriaceae. E. lenta is a Gram-positive, non-motile, non-sporulating pathogenic bacterium that can cause severe bacteremia. The strain described in this study has been isolated from a rectal tumor in 1935. Here we describe the features of this organism, together with the complete genome sequence, and annotation. This is… CONTINUE READING
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