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Complete genome sequence of Catenulispora acidiphila type strain ( ID 139908 T )

  title={Complete genome sequence of Catenulispora acidiphila type strain ( ID 139908 T )},
  author={A. Copeland and A. Lapidus and T. G. Rio and M. Nolan and S. Lucas and Feng and Chen and H. Tice and J. Cheng and D. Bruce and L. Goodwin and S. Pitluck and N. Mikhailova and A. Pati and N. Ivanova and K. Mavromatis and A. Chen and Krishna Palaniappan and P. Chain and M. Land and L. Hauser and Y. Chang and Cynthia C. Jefferies and O. Chertkov and T. Brettin and J. Detter and Cliff Han and Zahid Ali and B. Tindall and M. G{\"o}ker and J. Bristow and J. Eisen and Victor and Markowitz and P. Hugenholtz and N. Kyrpides and H. Klenk},
  • A. Copeland, A. Lapidus, +34 authors H. Klenk
  • Published 2009
  • Catenulispora acidiphila Busti et al. 2006 is the type species of the genus Catenulispora, and is of interest because of the rather isolated phylogenetic loc ation of the genomically little studied suborder Catenulisporineae within the order Actinomycetales. C. acidiphilia is known for its acidophilic, aerobic lifestyle, but can also grow scantly under anaerobic onditions. Under regular conditions C. acidiphilia grows in long filaments of re latively short aerial hyphae with marked septation… CONTINUE READING
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