Complete genome sequence and analysis of ictalurid herpesvirus 2

  title={Complete genome sequence and analysis of ictalurid herpesvirus 2},
  author={R{\'e}ka Borz{\'a}k and Tibor Haluk and D. Bartha and A. Doszpoly},
  journal={Archives of Virology},
  • Réka Borzák, Tibor Haluk, +1 author A. Doszpoly
  • Published 2017
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Archives of Virology
  • Ictalurid herpesvirus 2 (IcHV-2) has been causing substantial losses in the black bullhead aquaculture industry since the 1990s. Using next-generation sequencing, the genome of IcHV-2 was completely sequenced and analysed in this study. The complete genome was found to be 142,925 bp in size, containing 77 predicted protein-coding regions, including 12 ORFs that appear to have a homologue in every alloherpesvirus genome sequenced to date. The genome organization of the IcHV-2 shows high… CONTINUE READING
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