Complete Triaxis Magnetometer Calibration in the Magnetic Domain

  title={Complete Triaxis Magnetometer Calibration in the Magnetic Domain},
  author={Val{\'e}rie Renaudin and Muhammad Haris Afzal and G{\'e}rard Lachapelle},
  journal={J. Sensors},
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Automatic Magnetometer Calibration with Small Space Coverage
Thesis (Master, Electrical & Computer Engineering) -- Queen's University, 2013-05-01 00:52:30.274
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A geometric method for calibrating three-axis magnetometers
  • Haoqiang Jin
  • Physics
    2017 IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing, Communications and Computing (ICSPCC)
  • 2017
The simulation and experiment results show the performance of the three-axis magnetometer is improved dramatically with the proposed calibration method, based on minimizing the orthogonal distances from measuring points to the ellipsoid.
Explicit Solution for Magnetometer Calibration
A definitive solution is provided in this paper for solving the magnetometer calibration problem by means of ellipsoid fitting. This is achieved by providing an explicit solution for the ensuing


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It is shown that the proposed calibration technique is equivalent to the estimation of a rotation, scaling and translation transformation, and that the sensor alignment matrix is given by the solution of the orthogonal Procrustes problem.
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Abstract In this work a new algorithm is derived for the onboard calibration of three-axis strapdown magnetometers. The proposed calibration method is written in the sensor frame, and compensates for
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