Complete Mitochondrial Genomes of Ancient Canids Suggest a European Origin of Domestic Dogs

  title={Complete Mitochondrial Genomes of Ancient Canids Suggest a European Origin of Domestic Dogs},
  author={O. Thalmann and B. Shapiro and P. Cui and V. Schuenemann and S. K. Sawyer and D. L. Greenfield and M. Germonpr{\'e} and M. Sablin and F. L{\'o}pez-Gir{\'a}ldez and X. Domingo-Roura and H. Napierala and H-P. Uerpmann and D. Loponte and A. A. Acosta and L. Giemsch and R. W. Schmitz and B. Worthington and J. E. Buikstra and A. Druzhkova and A. S. Graphodatsky and N. D. Ovodov and N. Wahlberg and A. H. Freedman and R. M. Schweizer and K.-P. Koepfli and J. Leonard and M. Meyer and J. Krause and S. P{\"a}{\"a}bo and R. E. Green and R. Wayne},
  pages={871 - 874}
  • O. Thalmann, B. Shapiro, +28 authors R. Wayne
  • Published 2013
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Science
  • Dog Domestication The precise details of the domestication and origins of domestic dogs are unclear. Thalmann et al. (p. 871; see the cover) analyzed complete mitochondrial genomes from present-day dogs and wolves, as well as 18 fossil canids dating from 1000 to 36,000 years ago from the Old and New Worlds. The data suggest that an ancient, now extinct, central European population of wolves was directly ancestral to domestic dogs. Furthermore, several ancient dogs may represent failed… CONTINUE READING

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