Complete Kähler manifolds with zero Ricci curvature II

  title={Complete K{\"a}hler manifolds with zero Ricci curvature II},
  author={Gang Tian and Shing-Tung Yau},
  journal={Inventiones mathematicae},
  • G. Tian, S. Yau
  • Published 1 December 1991
  • Mathematics
  • Inventiones mathematicae
The Moduli Space of Asymptotically Cylindrical Calabi–Yau Manifolds
We prove that the deformation theory of compactifiable asymptotically cylindrical Calabi–Yau manifolds is unobstructed. This relies on a detailed study of the Dolbeault–Hodge theory and its
Asymptotically conical Calabi–Yau metrics on quasi-projective varieties
AbstractLet X be a compact Kähler orbifold without $${\mathbb{C}}$$C-codimension-1 singularities. Let D be a suborbifold divisor in X such that $${D \supset {\rm Sing}(X)}$$D⊃Sing(X) and −pKX = q[D]
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  • 2017
A mean value formula and a Liouville theorem for the complex Monge-Amp\`ere equation
In this paper, we prove a mean value formula for bounded subharmonic Hermitian matrix valued function on a complete Riemannian manifold with nonnegative Ricci curvature. As its application, we obtain
New examples of complete Calabi-Yau metrics on $\mathbb{C}^n$ for $n\ge 3$
For each $n\ge 3$, we construct on $\mathbb{C}^n$ examples of complete Calabi-Yau metrics of Euclidean volume growth having a tangent cone at infinity with singular cross-section.
A $\mathcal C^{2,\alpha}$ estimate of the complex Monge-Amp\`ere equation
In this paper, we prove a C-estimate for the solution to the complex MongeAmpère equation det(uij̄) = f with 0 < f ∈ C , under the assumption that u ∈ C for some β < 1 which depends on n and α.
Ricci flow on quasiprojective manifolds II
We study the Ricci flow on complete Kaehler metrics that live on the complement of a divisor in a compact complex manifold. In earlier work, we considered finite-volume metrics which, at spatial
Complete Calabi-Yau metrics from P^2 # 9 \bar P^2
Let $X$ denote the complex projective plane, blown up at the nine base points of a pencil of cubics, and let $D$ be any fiber of the resulting elliptic fibration on $X$. Using ansatz metrics inspired
Dibaryon Spectroscopy
The AdS/CFT correspondence relates dibaryons in superconformal gauge theories to holomorphic curves in Kähler-Einstein surfaces. The degree of the holomorphic curves is proportional to the gauge
Compact Riemannian manifolds with exceptional holonomy
Suppose that M is an orientable n-dimensional manifold, and g a Riemannian metric on M . Then the holonomy group Hol(g) of g is an important invariant of g. It is a subgroup of SO(n). For generic


Kähler-Einstein metrics on complex surfaces withC1>0
AbstractVarious estimates of the lower bound of the holomorphic invariant α(M), defined in [T], are given here by using branched coverings, potential estimates and Lelong numbers of positive,d-closed
On Kähler-Einstein metrics on certain Kähler manifolds withC1 (M)>0
On demontre qu'il existe une metrique de Kahler-Einstein sur une hypersurface de Fermat a m dimensions de degre superieur a m-1